Background – why I am the right person for the job

My name is Val Neekman, a technology entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience with a balanced set of skills.  I’ve contributed to the bottom line of many companies; small, medium and large; both in Canada and the US, and I back that experience with a ton of energy.  

Kitchener is a tech hub which is in a dire need of a mayor who lives and breathes technology.  A mayor who can attract companies to the region; attract the best talent from all around the globe;  Create high paying jobs with good livable wages so our local talent and new grads stay at home.  I will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a prosperous and thriving Kitchener.

I am not a career politician with a narrow vision or a fixed track.  I know how to pivot; how to lead; how to listen; how to motivate the young folks, and most importantly how to be accountable to the people I am committed to and those people are the residents of Kitchener.

The most important issue facing Kitchener now

When an organization gets stale, when leadership overstays their welcome, when new ideas become old, when a group of people who need to challenge one another get comfortable overtime, and outvote any meaningful opposition, when that happens, the culture has become deeply ingrained.

A prosperous Kitchener needs to think in new ways. We need to come up with new ideas, new options, new ways of doing things; and to do that, we need to leave the old culture behind, and opt in for a change.

Kitchener deserves better.  Just keeping the status quo is not enough and just keeping the taxes the same is not enough.  

We need to have a 2-term limit on elected officials, so the city gets some fresh blood, who can bring in the changes we so desperately need.

Long-term goals for the city

My long-term goal is to bring the region in particular Kitchener back to its glorious past as a prosperous tech hub which we had during the RIM era.  Then after 2 terms, I’ll step aside and pass the torch on to our next young and vibrant mayor and make myself available as an advisor on an as per-need basis.

My platform

My platform is based on fostering a culture of kindness, and is made up of a simple list.  Each item in the list will be examined and reprioritized after each quarter. 

  • Address homelessness properly
  • Grow and ensure a high performing economy to benefit all
  • Keep the taxes as low as possible
  • Make housing affordable and available
  • Attract talent so the city is run better now and in the future
  • Foster, nurture, and attract the best talent in the world
  • Attract the best companies to the city; create high paying jobs
  • Enforce a 2-term limit for all elected roles to promote a culture of change
  • All the above must be done with their impact on the environment in mind

A message to the younger folks

The future belongs to you. Come on out & get involved. Your vote is your voice! If you can vote, just do it. Wrap your head around what is most important to you; identify the candidate who is more inline with your priorities, and cast your ballot.